Buderus 2107
Buderus 2107


Buderus 2107

The Logamatic 2107 provides energy savings, higher comfort level and quality.

  • Monitor temperature and adjust to actual demand.


Simple Operation, Smart Functions

Buderus controls monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature and accordingly adjusts boiler temperature to actual demand. Lower operating water temperature decreases cool-down and flue gas losses which translate lowers energy consumption and fuel bills.

Room Sensor

Use a Buderus Room Sensor for indoor feedback on the main zone for optimum temperature control and maximum room comfort. This control features simple day temperature settings with manual day/night override buttons, LED display for system status, summer mode indicator light, and a "Boost" function for faster response during early morning operation.

Module FM241

The FM241 Module provides mixed temperature through a Buderus mixing station for low temperature application such as radiant floor systems. An optional indoor sensor is available for optimum control. The FM241 also enables you to program a separate setback schedule for the low temperature system.

Module FM242

The Module FM242 is suitable for residential and commercial applications, giving firing control for dual boiler applications or two-stage burners. It allows burner staging on demand with dynamic burner differential, and features built-in burner hour run meters.

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