Gas & Oil Boilers and Furnaces

Gas, oil-fired and condensing boilers from Bosch.

Boilers from Bosch deliver consistent and reliable heating and hot water with high efficiency and low operating costs. Bosch offers gas, oil-fired and condensing boilers to suit the needs of your application.

What Are Boilers and How Do They Work?

Boilers generate hot water and steam for various indoor heating needs, such as heating homes, buildings, and industrial plants. Some boilers, such as the Bosch Greenstar Combi Boilers, can also provide hot water. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where a reliable and efficient heat source is required, especially in cold climates.

Boilers operate by producing steam or hot water through the combustion of fuels, such as natural gas or oil. The heated water or steam produced by the boiler is then distributed throughout the home or building. For instance, hydronic boilers circulate the hot water through pipes to radiators, baseboard heaters, or radiant floor systems to provide warmth. These systems are designed to provide consistent and reliable heating, ensuring a comfortable and warm environment in buildings, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Benefits of Boilers

Boilers are known for their efficiency. These systems can achieve high energy conversion rates, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower energy costs. Condensing gas boilers in particular are highly efficient. By converting water vapor condensation into heat, condensing boilers recycle waste gas, use less fuel, and deliver 95% energy efficiency.

The efficiency and dependability of these systems make boilers a popular choice for heating residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Boilers by Bosch offer reliable home and commercial heating for ultimate comfort, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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