Buderus GB162
Buderus GB162
Buderus GB162
Buderus GB162

Condensing Boilers

Buderus GB162

Long-lasting and highly-efficient.

  • Compact, lightweight and highly-efficienct
  • Ideal for large homes and light commercial applications
  • Efficiency up to 93% AFUE
  • Cascade up to 8 boilers and common vent up to 4


Meet the Bosch Buderus GB162 Boiler

The GB162 can be used individually in a residence or commercial operation, but it is especially well suited for multi-boiler cascades. Typically linking together two to four boilers, cascades may be expanded up to 8 units to meet the required BTU load of your installation.

The Most Flexible Boiler System in the Industry

With the GB162’s small size, wall-hung attribute, and light weight—only 150 lbs each—there is a great deal of flexibility in planning an installation. Not only is it easy to install as a single unit, but it is easy to install as a multi-boiler cascade. The boilers can be configured back-to-back or in-line by using our custom frame. This is especially useful when boiler rooms are small or unusually shaped. In fact, a 4-boiler cascade, delivering over 1,000 MBH, can fit in less than 13 square feet of floor space. This makes the GB162 ideal for new installations, as well as for replacing an inefficient heating system and freeing up valuable commercial floor space.

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