Buderus GC144
Buderus GC144


Buderus GC144

Industry-leading hydronic heating technology.

  • 3 Models with inputs from 74,000 to 132,500 BTU/Hr
  • 85% AFUE efficiency
  • Compact boiler with advanced low temperature technology
  • Side-piping design for convenient boiler retrofit installation


Superior Design

The GC144 Series boiler requires very little space—but don’t let it's size fool you. The slim profile and convenient side piping are designed for quick and easy installation—especially as a replacement boiler.

Quality Build

Buderus patented GL-180M silicone-injected cast iron has an excellent corrosion resistance, 40% greater flexibility and high thermal conductivity to resist thermal shock under conditions of rapid temperature change. Special compounds tightly join cast iron sections and provide a gas-tight seal for safe and effective operation.

Efficiency Optimized

These Buderus boilers are available for use with natural gas or can be easily converted to propane. Factory-tested stainless steel premixed burners allow for low emissions and superior thermal insulation virtually eliminates standby temperature losses.

Compatible products

Buderus 2107

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