Greensource CDi Series SM Rev A/B
Greensource CDi Series SM Rev A/B

Heat Pump Systems

Greensource CDi Series SM Rev A/B

Enjoy maximum comfort with this high-efficiency, two stage water-to-air heat pump from Bosch.

  • Up to 30 EER (part load) and up to 21 EER (full load) GLHP
  • Up to 4.7 COP (part load) and up to 4.4 COP (full load) GLHP
  • Optional Heat Recovery Package (Desuperheater)
  • 10-year limited parts and labor allowance warranty
Qualifies for IRA Incentives


Meet the Bosch SM Model

The SM Model is our premium, high efficiency, geothermal unit, available in sizes of 2 to 6 tons to suit your needs. ENERGY STAR certified for ground water and ground loop applications, the SM boasts a two-stage scroll compressor and ECM constant torque motor for superior comfort and efficiency.

Hot Water Heat Recovery Package

This option enables your heat pump to heat domestic hot water, reducing the amount of electricity or fossil fuels otherwise used for your hot water.

2-stage Scroll Compressor

2-stage Scroll Compressor lowers operating costs while maximizing efficiency and comfort by adjusting to varying heating and cooling.

Improved Air Quality

Stainless Steel Drain Pan improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by preventing standing water where mold, bacteria and viruses could grow.

Copper or Cupro-Nickel Coil

Option between copper or cupro-nickel heat exchanger, cupro-nickel recommended in conditions anticipating moderate scale formation or brackish water.

Air-tight and Quiet Cabinetry

Close-cell foam insulation and compressor blanket help reduce sound levels to as low as 52 dB. Quiet comfort is the best comfort.

Limited Residential Warranty

You receive peace-of-mind knowing you will receive replacement parts protection and labor for up to 10 years. This warranty covers all components incorporated into the unit cabinet at the time of manufacture.

Share Energy with the Earth

Bosch Geothermal Systems bring your home in harmony with nature, while providing unmatched energy efficiency. Outside temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons, but underground temperatures don’t change nearly as dramatically. A Bosch geothermal system capitalizes on these constant temperatures to provide “free” energy.

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