Greensource i Series WQ
Greensource i Series WQ

Heat Pump Systems

Greensource i Series WQ

Industry leader in noise reduction

  • Bosch-patented noise insulation technology
  • Constant Airflow ECM DEC Star® Blower
  • Bosch-patented compressor encapsulation
  • Whisper Quiet operation


Meet the Bosch WQ Model

The i Series Greensource WQ water source heat pump is a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial retrofits, as well as for new construction. This single stage product comes equipped with a state-of-the-art noise insulation package that was designed using the quality and innovative technology that only Bosch can provide.

Whisper Quiet Operation

The WQ comes equipped with Bosch-patented compressor encapsulation. The unit’s unique sound package includes an insulated blower and cabinet insulation, which dampen unwanted noise. The product also includes an elevated compressor floating base plate, ensuring air-tight encapsulation around the compressor and optimal sound performance.


The WQ unit cabinetry is constructed using galvanized steel, providing superior corrosion protection for indoor units. Interior surfaces around the air section are lined with 1/2" thick, 1.5 lb cu. ft. density, Micromat insulation for thermal insulation and acoustical attenuation. This insulation is non-combustible, non-hydroscopic, and anti-fungal. The insulation meets NFPA 90A and 90B standards for fire protection and is certified to meet the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Standard for Low-Emitting Products. The compressor section is lined with Mass Loaded Vinyl panels.


All vertical units are serviced from the front. horizontal models have access from sides. Schrader valves for high and low pressure gauges and the electrical box components are easily accessible for diagnosing and servicing each unit.

Two-Door Front Panel

The WQ includes two front panels, which allow technicians to troubleshoot the unit while it is operating.

Hanging Brackets

For some applications, hanging brackets may be needed. All horizontal units come standard with hanging bracket kits for suspending the unit from field-supplied hanger rods. These kits include heavy duty steel brackets and rubber grommets for sound and vibration isolation from the building structure.

Water Connections

All water connections are heavy duty bronze 3/4” or 1” FPT fittings securely fastened to the unit corner post. This allows installers to connect to a Bosch Flexible Hose Kit Accessory without needing a backup wrench, making for easier, faster installation.

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