CA Series - Consoles
CA Series - Consoles

Water Source Heat Pump - Water-to-Air

CA Series - Consoles

Efficient way to provide heating and cooling in areas where space is limited.

  • Console Unit
  • High Efficiency
  • ¾ to 1½ ton
  • Quiet Comfort



The CA features as standard a heavy gauge powder coat paint galvanized steel cabinet, a stainless steel drain pan to ensure long life and to help prevent corrosion the evaporator coils are protected with a electro type coating. Rigorous factory testing helps to ensure no hassles from the start while FHP’s 40+ years of experience in designing heat pumps is your assurance of the highest quality product.

Flexible Installation

Typically, the cabinet and chassis are installed together, but with the two-piece design, the chassis can be installed in a custom architectural cabinet. All units are available with a compact chassis designed with the same dimensions for all model sizes and with multiple configurations for water and controls flexibility. To add to ease of installation, CA models arrive Geothermal ready as a greener alternative to the boiler/ tower systems application.


There are two main choices when designating controllability for the CA console. There is either a factory installed unit mounted controller (UMC) or a field supplied remote mounted controller (RMC). In deciding which to choose for the project, one factor to consider is if the project entails a building automation system with DDC. If this is the case, the remote mounted controller is mandatory.

Quiet Operation

Noise reduction is a critical consideration of the unit’s design which is why all CA Models utilize thermal and acoustical double isolated compressor with closed cell foam insulation below the compressor base to support sound attenuation. The compressor is mounted to the bottom of chassis with a 2 piece base pan to reduce noise transmission and vibration.


All units are designed to be serviced from the front of the unit by utilizing the removable slide out chassis. The unit comes as a one piece “sloped top” cover with rigid steel discharge air grille and bottom return air filter rack for easy removal of washable mesh air filter. The electrical junction box comes with a removable cover located on the Water Piping side to facilitate field connections. Schrader valves for high and low pressure gauges are standard along with electrical box components are easily accessible for diagnosing and servicing the unit. These service friendly features benefit equipment owners with easier service access which saves time and money.

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